Newfound pictures of Steve from the NeXT era

12 Sep 2011 | in Steve Jobs history, Updates/Announcements

I recently discovered this video straight from Stanford, which depicts the famed collection of Apple memorabilia that Steve Jobs donated to the university when he came back to Apple. This so-called ‘Apple museum’ includes exclusive documents and pictures from Apple’s early days, namely its first twenty years (1976-1996). Steve Jobs himself mentioned it in the D5 interview with Bill Gates in 2007, saying it was important to focus on the future rather than the past. Still, I wonder if such a collection is being built for Apple 2.0, especially now that Steve is no longer CEO.

On that subject, I was blessed with two recent findings of great sets of photographs of Steve during his NeXT days (my favorite).

First, thanks to reader JB Durand who shared this with me back in July, you can find on Flickr a great set of pictures (by Esther Dyson) from the PC Forum shows of the late 1980s, including pictures of Steve for the 1984, 1985 and 1990 instances. One example below:

I was also fortunate to be contacted by photographer Robert Holmgren three weeks ago about portraits of Steve Jobs he made while Steve was still CEO of NeXT. Again, awesome pictures:

Robert has a couple of blog posts where he explain how he took those photographs and dealt with a difficult subject (complete with the hi-res versions of these pictures). He also has fun stories about his signed Macintosh and a trip to the Jobses’ garage, including an encounter with Steve’s father, Paul. Be sure to check it out.

I am not adding these pictures to the website just yet, because I am working hard on the next version of the website, which I hope to be able to release after the iPhone 5 introduction. They will be on that new version. Thanks Robert!

Lastly, compliment of a friend of mine, and still along the lines of a “Steve Jobs Museum”, a great find on the original booklet made by Paul Rand to explain his work on the NeXT logo to Steve Jobs (scroll down to Identity Presentations). Steve loved it so much he hugged Paul as a sign of gratitude, as told by Randall E. Stross in Steve Jobs and the NeXT Big Thing. The booklet was actually the only piece of branded marketing made by NeXT in 1987, along with a Tshirt (before the NeXT Cube was introduced).

For more about Paul Rand, check out this YouTube video where Steve talks about their work relationship.

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  • What great photos! I love looking through my copy of Apple Confidential and looking at the few pics of Mr. Jobs in the late 70’s 🙂
    I remember being in elementary school and our school getting a Macintosh. We would all watch it through the window of an office as it would calculate random numbers. None of us really knew what it was doing, we just knew that it was the coolest thing we had ever seen! And then came the floppy 🙂 What joys and great memories Mr. Jobs has graced us with. Thank you!!

  • Linda Chao commented on 6 Oct 2011 at 21:57

    I pay my respect to an amazing and great person – Steve Jobs.

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  • Very beautifull pics.
    They should create a nobel price of innovation called by his name.
    Goodbye Mr jobs.We won’t forget you.

  • My husband developed database software on NEXTSTEP ages ago and still gets a good chuckle when he sees “NS” in Apple code… it’s 20+ years later and the code still holds up. He would come back from tradeshows raving about a Jobs presentation…NEXT seemed to be a religion for him… took a trip down memory lane seeing Jobs in the NEXT turtleneck… having several of the NEXT tees that we proudly wore–out! Steve Jobs will be sorely missed for countless reasons.

  • vaasanthi commented on 17 Oct 2011 at 10:00

    i don’t know anything about steve jobs till his death. idon’t feel bad about it. now he is growing verry big in my mind. as he said i want to stay hungry and stay foolish.

  • Have the very first bug report for the NeXT cube hanging on the wall. Got it at the final auction when NeXT was no more. It is for machine serial number: AAK 0000312.

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  • The success of Apple is because of NeXT’s acheivements. NeXT iwas a success not a failure

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