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New Steve Jobs mosaic portrait + Resolutions leak

17 Jan 2011 | in Steve Jobs trivia

Today I come to you with three completely useless, yet entertaining, pieces of Steve Jobs trivia:


This mosaic portrait is from tsevis, not as great as his preceding ones, including that great one used in Fortune magazine

Source: TUAW.

2. Another Steve Jobs doll, but this time it’s cheaper – as a matter of fact, it’s DIY:

3. Pretty fun stuff that came out of spoof Apple news blog Scoopertino two weeks ago: “Steve Jobs’ New Year’s resolutions found on Starbucks napkin”

My favorite is number 6, what’s yours? 😉

More stuff with Steve Jobs on them

8 Oct 2010 | in Steve Jobs trivia

There’s so much stuff bearing Steve Jobs on them these days that I’m thinking about launching my own online store. The new ones this week are:

A “psychedelic” portrait based on the 1984 red-tie-and-red-apple picture


A weird leather iPad case based on the 2006 hand-on-bearded-chin picture.