Jony Ive Apple 2.0 Friends

Jony Ive holding a MacBook Pro
Jony Ive holding a MacBook Pro

Jony Ive
born 1967 (age 56 or 57)
Relationship to Steve
Friend, Colleague, Apple SVP
Short Bio

London-born Jonathan Ive is the closest to a soulmate that Steve Jobs ever encountered in his professional life. The soft-spoken designer started his career in the UK before moving to California to join Apple in 1992. When Steve Jobs met him in 1997, he quickly grasped how talented he was and promoted him to head of Industrial Design, the small team of designers that conceive Apple's hardware. Obsessed with hardware design as he was, Jobs made sure that the team's decisions could overrule that of any of the company's other divisions. Jobs liked to visit Ive's studio and spoke with him on a daily basis. After Steve passed away, Ive's role at Apple grew, as he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Design (including software design) in 2013, and Chief Design Officer in 2015. His tenure became controversial, and he started to withdraw and spend more time on the building of Apple Park, arguably Steve Jobs's last product, than on his day job. Ive eventually left Apple in 2019.

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