Lisa Brennan-Jobs Close ones

31 Oct 1986
31 Oct 1986

Lisa Brennan-Jobs
born 1978 (age 45 or 46)
Relationship to Steve
Short Bio

Lisa was the unwanted daughter of Steve Jobs and his ex-girlfriend from high school, Chrisann Brennan. She was born out-of-wedlock in 1978, and Steve refused to acknowledge he was her father for years. Paradoxically, while he was in denial, he also called Apple's most promising computer project at the time 'LISA'. Eventually, when she was seven, Steve accepted her and she moved in with him in the late 1980s. She eventually graduated from Harvard's School of Journalism. According to Walter Isaacson's bio, Lisa Brennan-Jobs had a tumultuous relationship with her father until the last year of his life. Lisa became (supposedly unbeknownst to her) a key protagonist in Aaron Sorkin's 2015 movie steve jobs. She eventually opened up about her story by writing her memoir Small Fry, which was published in 2019.

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