Scott Forstall NeXT Apple 2.0

Schiller, Jobs and Forstall, 8 Apr 2010
Schiller, Jobs and Forstall, 8 Apr 2010

Scott Forstall
born 1969 (age 54 or 55)
Relationship to Steve
Colleague, Apple SVP
Short Bio

Scott Forstall joined NeXT's operating system team after graduating from Stanford in 1992. When Steve Jobs came back at Apple, Forstall moved to the Mac OS X user interfaces group. His rise to fame came in 2006, after Avie Tevanian's departure, when he successfully ran the team in charge of OS X Leopard. More importantly, he was the one who pushed for the genius idea of using OS X as the iPhone's operating system. He wielded considerable influence in his role of Senior VP of iOS, whic he held from 2007. In late 2012, he was blamed for the very poor rollout of Apple Maps and was ousted from the company in early 2013.

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