Tim Cook Apple 2.0

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs, 7 Aug 2007
Tim Cook and Steve Jobs, 7 Aug 2007

Tim Cook
born 1960 (age 62 or 63)
Relationship to Steve
Colleague, Apple COO (current CEO)
Short Bio

Tim Cook was already an accomplished manager at Compaq when Steve Jobs hired him in 1998 to run Apple's supply chain. Cook quickly gained the reputation of being the "Attila the Hun" of logistics, a mastermind who made Apple the industry leader in inventory management in less than a year. There is no denying Apple could not have sustained its explosive growth or lower its prices without this asset. Cook was promoted COO of the company in 2007, and replaced Steve during his two medical leaves, before eventually replacing him as CEO after his resignation in August 2011. Tim is still Apple's CEO to this day.

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