Happy birthday to Steve !

I’m all the more concerned, because as some of you know, I was born on the same day as our dear iLeader.

I welcome the following initiative to wish Steve a happy birthday (probably inspired by this one to wish him well). I just left my birthday message 🙂

In the meantime, the rumor mill is crazy about the supposed new MacBook Pros, coming later today! We’ll see…

Steve’s Woodside mansion finally torn down

In case you haven’t heard, Gizmodo has released visual evidence that Steve’s mansion in Woodside if finally being torn down. They rented a plane and took aerial shots of the yard.

I already covered the whole story of the Jackling mansion in a previous post. Let’s just add that for a supposedly ‘dying’ man, Steve is quite busy with earthly matters.

New pictures added

Today I added 13 new pictures of Steve Jobs to all about Steve Jobs.com. Here they are:

From left to right and top to bottom:

  • 2 pictures of the recent dinner with Barack Obama (only one is shown here) in 2010+
  • 1 picture in the gallery ‘1995’
  • 1 in ‘1999’
  • 1 in ‘Macworld SF 1999’
  • 1 in ‘WWDC 2004’
  • 1 in ‘WWDC 2005’
  • 1 in ‘Apple event of Feb 28, 2006’
  • 1 in ‘1981’ (thanks Brian!)
  • 1 in ‘Macworld SF 2001’
  • 1 in ‘NY SoHo Retail Store opening’ (2002)
  • and 2 caricatures

Most pictures are better/enlarged versions of pics I already had, with the exception of the (pretty nice) 1981 pic, the 1995 pic (with NeXTSTEP running on Intel PCs), the 2006 pic, of course the Obama pics, and the caricatures.

Hope you like ’em!

The future of this blog

Hello all,

As you have noticed I’ve been kinda slow updating the blog recently. This is partly due to my being busy with my internship + looking for the next one, partly because I’ve been lazy… but I’ve also been wondering about my editorial choices when I created the blog. I wanted to cover all Steve Jobs news, and this can be a difficult task when 3 to 5 Steve Jobs stories hit the news on one day and I don’t have time to cover them that night. Then what’s the point in covering them three weeks later?

So here’s what I think the blog should evolve into. I will now focus primarily on:

  • quirky news, that there’s a chance you didn’t read in the major Mac blogs that most of you follow anyway
  • more thoughtful posts, on Steve Jobs history or ‘mythology’ for example, that are not news and that give my own perspective on the matter
  • and of course the website news

Lastly, I’ve been playing around with Quora for some time and I’ve really grown to like it. It’s one of the culprits of my lack of time to devot to this blog actually 🙂 So I suggest you have a look at the Steve Jobs topic, where I often post answers to questions on the iLeader.

From now on, I will also post links to my Steve Jobs-related answers on my Twitter account (@rmoisescot), so you can follow them even if you’re not on Quora. If you’re on Quora and have a question on Steve, you can also ask it directly to me so you can let others benefit.