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2 Oct 2012 | in Updates/Announcements

I added a new section to the site last week. While I was trying to decide where to host the new videos that I recently discovered, I realized that the current sub sections of the Movies section were not appropriate to categorize the growing collection of the website.

So I created a new one: it’s called Misc Movies & Recordings. I wish I had found a better title, but it’s really what it is: a pot pourri of all videos (and sound recordings, which are new) that do not belong either in Keynotes, Best Moments, or Steve-isms.

So, a recap:

– Steve Jobs Keynotes is unchanged and will present you with the most complete online collection of keynotes performed by Steve Jobs known to man. By “Keynotes” I mean product announcements and press conferences that Steve gave as the head of Apple or NeXT.

– Steve-isms is also unchanged, and is still a collection of montages of Steve Jobs’s favorite expressions, stage tricks and gimmicks that give some perspective to his long career as a showman.

– Best Onstage Moments has been reconfigured to be what it was meant to be: a real collection of cool moments to remember from Steve’s career, either because they were historic, dramatic, or just plain funny.
To perfect that, I removed the video Tour of the first retail store as well as the Stanford commencement speech, and added a few that belonged in this section yet were glaringly missing. Those new videos are:

I hope you enjoy re-watching those videos as much as I do.

– The brand new section is Misc Movies & Recordings, and is home to a number of videos I had long hoped to put on the site. You can find over there short clips, such as a nervous Steve Jobs on a TV set in 1981; promotional videos, such as the first retail store video, or the heart-breaking Think Different ad with Steve as narrator; but also product demos, homages, occasional speeches… and also sound recordings, which I host on SoundCloud. There are three of them so far, but I expect that collection to grow. I have included the recent find of an hour-long speech and Q&A given by Steve at the International Design Conference in 1983 (more on that in a later post).

Finally, as indicated on the new page, I do have a number of videos (30 at the time of this writing) in the Interviews section of the site: click on the “video” filter to only see them. I decided to keep them on that page, because I did not want to encumber the Movies section with too many videos, and because I think they fit in with the rest of the interviews. Some of these video interviews even have transcripts, that best belong with their written counterparts. By the way, I also added a new interview recently, basically a mashup of extracts from Triumph of the Nerds.

3 Responses to New Movies collection added to the site

  • jbdurand commented on 5 Oct 2012 at 18:10

    just in case look at this timeline generator (works with wordpress or others)

  • jbdurand commented on 5 Oct 2012 at 18:18

    It’s great to discover new videos that I never found!
    ( such as Steve Jobs in 1985: Apple Employees Have ‘Common Vision’ on Changing the World )

  • jbdurand commented on 5 Oct 2012 at 18:31

    Just a little anecdote in the video “Steve Jobs in 1985: Apple Employees Have ‘Common Vision’ on Changing the World”
    This TV chronicle explains that Apple has 90 days to prove it can enter the business market.
    What is extraordinary is that Apple survived because of the desktop publishing phenomenon that started with the Laserwriter (including the Adobe Postscript PDL).
    In the video at 5:56 I recognise on the very left of Steve Jobs a tall man with glasses. It’s Paul Brainerd the creator of Pagemaker the Mac software that created the Desktop Publishing Revolution!
    a picture of him in the nineties:

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