Steve Jobs Stories on Clubhouse

14 Mar 2021 | in Steve Jobs personality, Steve Jobs trivia

Most of you have probably seen this by now, but for the record — journalist Steven Levy, investor Esther Dyson, and First Round partner Chris Fralic (a board member of the Computer History Museum) hosted a Clubhouse on February 23, the day before what would have been Steve Jobs’ 66th birthday, inviting people to share stories about him.

People who follow this know I’m a sucker for Steve anecdotes — in fact, we have a whole section of the website filled with them. So this is perfect clickbait for me of course.

Fortunately, the session was recorded and shared on the Computer History Museum’s YouTube page, you can watch it below. For those short on time, here is a brief walkthrough to help you navigate the video:

It was overall quite an enjoyable discussion, and definitely worth your time.