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4 Feb 2012 | in Updates

Funny to me, apparently not everyone agrees > Apple iNett: Back To Work! – Video @

4 Feb 2012 | in Updates

WTF?!? Heavenly Steve Jobs ad spawns hellish flame war

31 Jan 2012 | in Updates

Jobs personally asked Schmidt to stop poaching employees, and other unredacted statements in a Silicon Valley scandal

24 Jan 2012 | in Updates

I knew there was something wrong… via @Gizmodo (France)

24 Jan 2012 | in Updates

Mac Rumors: Virgin America Names Jet After Steve Jobs… — reminds me of plans for the ‘iPod class’…

22 Jan 2012 | in Updates

Steve Jobs family absent from Disney board despite stake | Reuters I wonder what’s happened to these millions of shares

20 Jan 2012 | in Updates

@asymco not the first time Steve would make a good idea his own! That’s also why he read all his email, famously

19 Jan 2012 | in Updates

Happened to me too! “@ormanclark: Had an email from someone offering to pay for a text link. Seriously, do people *still* do that.”

19 Jan 2012 | in Updates

RT @brett2007: @Ihnatko Just at Grand Central Apple Store and they had it roped off and seemed to be changing some of the displays… ht …

14 Jan 2012 | in Updates

The Simpsons Are Already Making Fun of Steve Jobs “Steve Jobs unveils iGhost”