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12 Jan 2012 | in Updates

A good ole joke from WWDC 2003 “@viticci: Steve Jobs Gets Interrupted by Audience Member

11 Jan 2012 | in Updates

I’m talking about the bio I wrote that can be downloaded on my website for those who misread my latest tweet

11 Jan 2012 | in Updates

Someone is selling my FREE PDF Steve Jobs bio on eBay!!!! I can’t believe what I’m seeing. And they got bids, too!…

10 Jan 2012 | in Updates

Since rejoining the Company in 1997, Mr. Jobs had not sold any of his shares of the Company’s stock.… via @parislemon

9 Jan 2012 | in Updates

5 years ago today Steve Jobs took the stage for what was probably the best keynote in his career: the iPhone introduction at Macworld 2007

6 Jan 2012 | in Updates

nice idea for a blog via @daringfireball

5 Jan 2012 | in Updates

RT @counternotions: Samsung to buy the maker of realistic Steve Jobs doll, sources say.

3 Jan 2012 | in Updates… so who’s gonna get that new Steve Jobs doll? Not sure how long it’ll survive… Who owns the rights to SJ’s image now?

2 Jan 2012 | in Updates

@cringely has once again lost his mind — time will tell “Prediction #1: A new CEO for Apple

1 Jan 2012 | in Updates

From the desk of Rupert Murdoch “@rupertmurdoch: Steve Jobs biog interesting but unfair. Family must hate.”