NeXT Headquarters

Headquarters of Steve Jobs's second computer company, NeXT Inc.

900 Chesapeake Drive
Redwood City, CA 94063

NeXT's first offices were Steve Jobs' own mansion in Woodside. The company then consisted of Steve and his five co-founders, and they were still thinking up ideas for their company —while being sued by Apple.

The following year, NeXT settled in Stanford's Industrial Park, on 3475 Deer Creek Road in Palo Alto. The company stayed there for three years. Just like he had with the Macintosh team at Apple, Steve spoiled his employees with fancy perks (hi-fi systems, unlimited supply of fresh juice…) in a luxurious decor. The common area featured large Ansel Adams prints, hardwood floors, a kitchen with granite counter tops, and 12-seat U-shape sofas. Yet NeXT Inc. had no revenue yet.

In 1989, NeXT moved to one of the most expensive locations in the Valley, in offices facing a marina on the Redwood Shores. One of their main features was the wood-and-steel staircase, which seemed to float in mid-air, and came at a high cost of having elevators removed, upon Steve's demand. The stairs would later inspire similar designs in the Apple Retail Stores. Other striking features included a marble dining area and $10,000 sofas. This lavish corporate environment was later understandably held as evidence of what went wrong with NeXT.