Steve Jobs's Woodside Mansion

Steve Jobs's famous mansion in Woodside, which was eventually torn down in the last year of his life

460 Mountain Home Road
Woodside, CA 94062

The 'Jackling house' is a huge 14,540-sq.ft. (1,350 sq.m.) mansion in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, designed by architect George Washington Smith in the early 1900s for copper magnate Daniel Jackling, which Steve Jobs bought in 1984.

His plan has always been to tear it down, even though he lived there in the latter part of the 1980s. For years, he worked with architects on plans for a new, sleeker house, including I. M. Pei and the Retail Stores' firm, BCJ. However those plans never materialized because, trial after trial, the demolition was blocked by local associations. The debate ended as late as March 2010, when a California court granted Steve the legal right to get rid of the mansion (read more on the blog).

The mansion is now destroyed. There were all sorts of speculation surrounding what would replace it, including alleged plans of a bare, modernist house, but none of them were ever confirmed. Steve died before he could see to the building of his dream house. It is not known whether his family will keep the land and eventually erect that house, or sell it.