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29 Jun 2017 | in Updates

RT @forstall: Happy 10th iPhone anniversary to the phenomenal Purple team that created our magical device.

24 Jun 2017 | in Updates

RT @mnordmeyer: @gruber Computer History Museum released a 2.5 hour video interview of Avi Tevanian a couple of hours ago.

22 Jun 2017 | in Updates

RT @backchnnl: Calls from Steve Jobs and attacks from strangers—just a taste of what it was like to review the first iPhone.

21 Jun 2017 | in Updates

RT @eli_schiff: The origin of the iPhone as told by @forstall

15 Jun 2017 | in Updates

Exciting!!! — Daring Fireball: John Markoff to Interview Scott Forstall Next Week…

15 Jun 2017 | in Updates

The secret origin story of the iPhone – The Verge…

3 Jun 2017 | in Updates

RT @DrHydration: Steve Jobs is dead but his quotes fly w @VirginAmerica @SteveJobsFeed #quoteoftheday

25 May 2017 | in Updates

Apple’s New Campus: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership | WIRED…

4 May 2017 | in Updates

Steve Jobs’ custom Apple I and other historic machines are on display at Seattle museum…

11 Apr 2017 | in Updates

‘Most important computer in history’: Steve Jobs machine part of Apple exhibit at Paul Allen museum – GeekWire…