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23 Feb 2018 | in Updates

Documents signed by SJ going on sale at RR Auction: job application (1973), OS X Admin guide (2001), news article (2008). Starting at $15,000 if you have money to spend 🙂

20 Feb 2018 | in Updates

Nice retrospective on flagship Apple Retail Store opening Tshirts (article in German).

I’m the proud owner of two of those – the Louvre and Opéra stores in Paris!

1 Jan 2018 | in Updates

Happy new year to my handsome followers! This is my first update from the brand new website… check it out! It has a few rough edges still, but is 90% complete.

12 Nov 2017 | in Updates

The light Albert Watson shapes – the story behind the image of Steve Jobs:…

28 Oct 2017 | in Updates

Magazine autographed by Steve Jobs sells at auction for over $50,000…

magazine autographed by Steve Jobs

27 Oct 2017 | in Updates

Steve Jobs’ 2000 BMW Z8 Estimated To Sell For $400k At Auction……

28 Jul 2017 | in Updates

.@laurenepowell is buying @TheAtlantic magazine…

24 Jul 2017 | in Updates

What was it like to be at Xerox PARC when Steve Jobs visited? by Alan Kay…

23 Jul 2017 | in Updates

Part 2 of the @ComputerHistory oral history of Avie Tevanian released 2 days ago. Must watch! Covers the Apple years…

2 Jul 2017 | in Updates

RT @kocienda: Here are two iPhone prototypes. We called them Wallabies. I used these devices to make the software keyboard.

iPhone prototypes