Did I get Steve Jobs’ turtleneck bill?

9 Jun 2011 | in Steve Jobs trivia

Today I decided to share with you a funny story that happened to me two weeks ago. By funny I do not mean amusing but ‘difficult to explain, strange’.

As you may or may not know, I often receive emails at my webmaster email address that are destined to Steve Jobs. The reason is quite simple: people who have little knowledge of Apple’s CEO think all about Steve Jobs.com is his official website. They just click on the ‘Contact’ link thinking their message will go straight to Steve’s famed iPhone email inbox, even though it would take them a 15-second visit to Google to figure out his real and hyper-famous email address.

Anyway, on May 26, I got the following email:


To which was attached the very interesting PDF below:


The PDF can be downloaded here for the most curious/visually challenged of you. To summarize: this is an email claiming that Steve Jobs owes DHL $107.06 of duty taxes for the import of a sweater worth $1630, from a German company called Von Rosen AG & Co.

Here’s how I reacted to this in chronological order:


But it didn’t end there. As all of you (I assume), on Monday night, I watched eagerly Steve’s WWDC 2011 keynote. And my jaw dropped when I noticed the following:

For those of you not following, this is Von Rosen’s trademark logo!!! See below:

That’s right, it’s that German fashion designer on the ‘fake’ DHL bill I had gotten the week before! And sure enough, the guy posts on his blog that finally Steve publicly admits to wearing his turtlenecks (well posted anyway, because as I can see the post’s been removed – I guess the iHand has intervened in this matter, sorry Von Rosen but I don’t think Steve will be wearing your shirt for some time to come).

Of course, I went back to Google and re-did the check I made about the scam alert, in a more thorough way. The scam alert website had a post saying the number was in fact real. But as of this writing I can’t find it… I guess it’s been removed too because identified as made by the scammers themselves. Still, I’m puzzled:

The story itself is not that interesting but since even big-time tech blogs post about Steve’s iWear now, I thought I’d jump on that wagon. What do you guys think of all this? The only thing I can be sure of is, it mustn’t be easy being Steve Jobs every day.

9 Responses to Did I get Steve Jobs’ turtleneck bill?

  • I think this reveals something about how these scams happen. Someone knew that order was coming in and made a fake email, but you got it instead. No, it can’t be easy being Steve.

    You probably absorb some of the crap emails intended for him like a human email shield. You hero!

    I’m a bit concerned that he needs to wear a sweater in June, though :-/

  • Chris commented on 13 Jun 2011 at 20:18

    Seems the Von Rosen people try to misuse you and your site for some extra advertising. I’m relativ sure, that they know about your ranking by google. And you give them a link :-((

    • Steve really was wearing that brand at the WWDC as can be seen on the video (and the screenshot I posted).

      • Mauro commented on 22 Jun 2011 at 21:47


        probably there is someone that has access to dhl
        transactions and uses real shipment data to
        “forge” these scams.

        For a strange reason your email has been linked
        to steve’s transaction.

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  • really rip steve jobs the whole world will miss you

  • very interesting story. This made me feel confused even.