Johnny Grey remembers his work on Steve and Laurene Jobs’s kitchen

3 Jun 2012 | in Steve Jobs trivia

Reader Bertrand Hayotte pointed out to me a story by kitchen designer Johnny Grey about how “Steve Jobs and his wife Laurene almost had one of [his] kitchens.”

The story gives an insight into the “private Steve Jobs” with details of his taste for a simple and authentic design for his kitchen. Grey only worked on the design part, going even as far as showing the drawing he made for the Jobses:

It is not known whether his design was implemented, since Steve Jobs apparently “was a very private person and reluctant to have any building work done, powerfully disliking noise, mess and invasion of their home”.

Although I did know that Steve worked very hard on his kitchen and on his garden design, it is the first time that such details come out. The story also reinforces the idea that he  applied the same beliefs in all aspects of his life, from product design to kitchen decoration:

We once met in London at the Savoy hotel during one of his rushed, but highly publicised European trips. His comments, as you might expect knowing his track record at Apple, were brief and to the point, mostly in the direction of simplifying the design, staking out a more severe, monastic approach. Shaker simplicity was often his default position.

Thanks Bertrand!

3 Responses to Johnny Grey remembers his work on Steve and Laurene Jobs’s kitchen

  • Jim Robertson commented on 12 Aug 2013 at 18:14

    Lucky me,

    In Steve and Laurene’s Palo Alto home,I built the wrap around closets, dressers, wall unit in his office and had my own design for the kitchen. At Next Computer, the original 10 curly maple desks (with finger joints, Precursor to the Apple Store Display tables) as well as all the built in kitchens, mail rooms, conference tables and credenzas. Furniture was always Birdseye and curly maple, cabinetry was always a Polane finish from Sherwin Williams. I saw architects and Contractors come and go and for ten years, I was the last man standing.

    I also had the opportunity to spend some non working time as well. Sitting in his living room, on the floor of course, They told me the story of how he first laid eyes on her. Had dinner in their back yard once and Steve actually changes my daughters diaper. (Reed was a year old). Laurene was always a total doll and did a great job making us feel at home. Would love to see her again some day.

    Jim Robertson

  • anonymous commented on 19 Jul 2015 at 04:45

    The “Pirates of Silicon Valley” was the most truthful movie. I will always object that Steve abandoned his daughter. I saw otherwise.
    The biography by Walter Isaacson has mostly lies about his personal life, just like most books I have read about Steve, and of course, any recent books about him and trying to make money from these lies. I guess it is their warped perspective.
    I am not looking forward to the new movie by Sorkin.
    Illegal acts were committed by him and the other guy who made the first movie and they have not
    reconciled these acts with the person they should be contacting to make things right. They are still forgiven but shame on them. They know whet they did without permission of the rightful owner to who they should have asked to use certain sources.
    I hope now people will let him rest in peace. There’s nothing more to say. Everyone has told the good and the bad, whether true or not, exaggerated or not. I knew the sweet, compassionate, caring, generous individual who at times was frustrated and hurt and told the truth, whether you liked to hear it or not. God bless him and all of you who are so critical.