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4 Oct 2011 | in Updates

cool, the Steve Jobs tradition of quoting Paris in keynotes is not gone… #cocorico

4 Oct 2011 | in Updates

First time I see that Apple check with the Tim Cook signature at the bottom. Will need some getting used to.

28 Sep 2011 | in Updates

I wonder how I should feel about this… Fortune comes out with a compilation of SJ interviews called: “All about Steve”…

12 Sep 2011 | in Updates

The original booklet Paul Rand handed to Steve Jobs in 1986 to explain his creation, the NeXT logo (scroll down)

9 Sep 2011 | in Updates

nice montage by Fortune “Stevie Jobs, aka Stevie Wonder”…

31 Aug 2011 | in Updates

Cook starts adopting Steve’s habits “@zachphillips Tim Cook returned my email because it was about football. I like him”

28 Aug 2011 | in Updates

RT @Snaggy: The new JoT is an exclusive screenshot of Steve Jobs’s calendar.…

28 Aug 2011 | in Updates

A tribute to Steve Jobs in cartoons over at the San Jose Mercury News…

28 Aug 2011 | in Updates

browsing through the 50+ articles/stories/letters I have collected about Steve’s resignation… I hope to have the digest ready by Monday

28 Aug 2011 | in Updates

RT @wilshipley: When Steve tried to hire me I said, “I don’t like having a boss.”

He said, “A lot of people say working for me is like …