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18 Jul 2011 | in Updates

@cathicks: Whoa. Pixar Image Computer Panel on eBay.…” Reminds me something…

10 Jul 2011 | in Updates

according to French magazine @LePoint Steve Jobs almost bought this €25m property in Southern France…

10 Jul 2011 | in Updates

How would you react if you met Steve Jobs in a sushi bar?…

10 Jul 2011 | in Updates

Steve Jobs’ response to FCPX’s disappointed users by @scoopertino… 🙂

6 Jul 2011 | in Updates

Steve Jobs’ bio gets a new title: “iSteve: The Book of Jobs” becomes “Steve Jobs: A Biography” via @philiped

4 Jul 2011 | in Updates

In case you missed it, check out Steve Jobs’ über-cool new profile page on…

30 Jun 2011 | in Updates

Steve Jobs will read letter about a girl with vision problems “saved” by an iPad at the Top 100 retreat… via @cultofmac

8 Jun 2011 | in Updates

AMAZING snapshot of Apple’s future campus – watch the video of Steve Jobs introducing it // cant wait

7 Jun 2011 | in Updates

RT @asymco: There are four times as many iOS users as OS X users. By this time next year the ratio might be 6.

5 Jun 2011 | in Updates

Of all Steve Jobs’ keynotes I’ve collected, this one is news to me… // WWDC 1997