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17 Jan 2011 | in Updates

Steve Jobs on 6/1/2010 “The last few years have reminded me that life is fragile” — all our wishes for a quick and healthy recovery Steve

16 Jan 2011 | in Updates

At last a cool infographic on SJ: The Ten Things Steve Jobs Will Say During Sex That Will Probably Ruin The Mood For You…

6 Jan 2011 | in Updates

RT @gruber: The most surprising thing about the Mac App Store UI is that it uses the standard scrollbars.

6 Jan 2011 | in Updates

Fooling around with #macappstore There’s room for improvement but there’s no doubt it’s the future of desktop PCs – you did it again, Steve!

5 Jan 2011 | in Updates

RT @maiis: I ♥ Fucking Windows via @jk_keller

5 Jan 2011 | in Updates

an easy one, I hope you all get 10/10 🙂 Celebrity Challenge: Steve Jobs Quiz

5 Jan 2011 | in Updates

RT @christianhern: Apple now worth >$300B. WOW

29 Dec 2010 | in Updates

Old but interesting piece on Apple’s development process (as told by Apple senior engineering manager @ SXSW’08)…

9 Dec 2010 | in Updates

AppleInsider | Apple owes Steve Jobs some money: $37.91…

8 Dec 2010 | in Updates “He is not somebody any of us would want watching our kids, but in terms of running the company, he’s excellent.” WTF?!?