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21 Aug 2011 | in Updates

Mac team org chart as seen in an internal Apple memo from 1981… notice the head of marketing

16 Aug 2011 | in Updates

oh, and there’s that thing too……

16 Aug 2011 | in Updates

RT @philiped: A peek at Steve Jobs’ book jacket, front and back: The look of Walter Isaacson’s bio will be as spare and … …

15 Aug 2011 | in Updates

That takes me back “@jasonfried: The evolution of Apple advertising:… (via @rbird)”

14 Aug 2011 | in Updates

Check out the AWESOME plans & renderings of Apple Campus 2:…

25 Jul 2011 | in Updates

How to draw the Apple logo via @clairemilliet

23 Jul 2011 | in Updates

Story of my life: “Why why WHY didn’t I buy Apple stock?!”… via @Snaggy

23 Jul 2011 | in Updates

Excellent piece by @gruber ★ On Succeeding Steve Jobs // I agree on near future but what about long-term vision?

19 Jul 2011 | in Updates

In response to questions from The WSJ about the discussions, Mr. Jobs said Monday in an email, “I think it’s hogwash.” #classic #stevejobs

18 Jul 2011 | in Updates

Nice infographic by @mvasilev via @mashable // although it lacks some products (Apple III, Apple IIc, all displays…)…