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6 Dec 2010 | in Updates

Finally, new on Apple Cupertino Campus 2.0 => Norman Foster to build ‘City of Apple’… via @FortuneMagazine CAN’T WAIT!!!

2 Dec 2010 | in Updates

CHART OF THE DAY: Apple Employees Love Steve Jobs, Microsoft Employees Aren’t So Hot For Steve Ballmer… via @sfgate

1 Dec 2010 | in Updates

RT @fromedome: The truth about how people use the iPad: (Prep work for my iPad panel at our conference tomorrow!)

29 Nov 2010 | in Updates

RT @Alltop: Who needs Santa when there’s an Apple store?

21 Nov 2010 | in Updates

RT @philiped: Steve Jobs: The Playboy interview: The magazine has re-released the piece it published in early 1985, just… http://bit.l …

18 Nov 2010 | in Updates

Handy Comic Guide to iPhone, Android, Blackberry Users via Cult of Mac

29 Sep 2010 | in Updates

Jobs House Gallery… via @gizmodo

3 Jul 2010 | in Updates

Steve Jobs was seen at Apple’s Paris Opera Retail Store around 9pm #stevejobs

28 Apr 2010 | in Updates

RT @Snaggy: Tip @Techmeme Steve Jobs Email Reply Generator. (hey, a geek can dream, can’t he?)

27 Feb 2010 | in Updates

Interview with the creator of the Apple startup sound