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5 Oct 2016 | in Updates

Remember Steve who passed away 5 years ago today. #stayhungry #stayfoolish

25 Sep 2016 | in Updates

RT @jyarow: Everybody wants to be Steve Jobs.…

5 Sep 2016 | in Updates

Crazy stuff for sale in this auction! scroll below for more… handwriting looks legit…

5 Sep 2016 | in Updates

After Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple CEO, he was still working on an Apple TV set – Recode…

5 May 2016 | in Updates

Prague Apple Museum offers intimate look at Steve Jobs… via @cultofmac

5 May 2016 | in Updates

RT @cabel: It is INCREDIBLY awesome that these are official Apple shirts. ? Available only at the 1 Infinite Loop Apple Store.…

21 Apr 2016 | in Updates

RT @Khanoisseur: This story about Steve Jobs and the bagel is straight out of a Seinfeld episode

18 Apr 2016 | in Updates

RIP Bill Campbell. He was a mentor and a friend to SJ

10 Apr 2016 | in Updates

RT @theappstorey: Avie Tevanian and other #NeXT folks starting new venture fund –…

19 Mar 2016 | in Updates

Steve Jobs’ widow is finally building the family’s Silicon Valley dream home // not clear to me if by SJ’s plans…