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23 Feb 2017 | in Updates

Apple Park opens to employees in April – Campus theatre to be named after Steve Jobs…

7 Feb 2017 | in Updates

Someone drew the iTunes terms and conditions as a graphic novel starring Steve Jobs |…

29 Jan 2017 | in Updates

Steve Jobs saved Apple—and Nike—with the same piece of advice… via @qz

14 Jan 2017 | in Updates

Tony Fadell tells us the story of the iPod-based iPhone prototype…

9 Jan 2017 | in Updates

RT @pschiller: #iPhone 1-9-07
10 years and over a billion sold

9 Jan 2017 | in Updates

RT @asymco: A widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communications device.

5 Jan 2017 | in Updates

nice reminder from @jsnell about the actual car/truck::tablets/PCs analogy from Steve Jobs back in 2010…

4 Jan 2017 | in Updates

RT @cdespinosa: This photo of Steve in the Good Earth building was taken by Bill Kelley of Regis McKenna and published in Apple Confidential 2.0

Steve Jobs in Good Earth Building

4 Jan 2017 | in Updates

RT @cdespinosa: 40 years ago tonight, Woz got the key to 20863 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite B3-C, which we had leased for the first Apple off…

4 Dec 2016 | in Updates

Beautiful video via @ismh