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25 Feb 2016 | in Updates

RT @tim_cook: Remembering Steve on his 61st birthday. “Let’s go invent tomorrow.”

25 Feb 2016 | in Updates

Today SJ would have turned 61.

And our website just turned 10 years old! Major update 95% ready, stay tuned!

#stayhungry #stayfoolish

21 Feb 2016 | in Updates

Steve Jobs’ sandals and other memorabilia is up for auction – Business Insider…

21 Feb 2016 | in Updates

NeXT turtleneck owned by Steve Jobs up for auction…

Steve Jobs NeXT turtleneck

21 Feb 2016 | in Updates

Video: Steve Jobs “mercurial” joke during the NeXT Cube intro (1988)

4 Feb 2016 | in Updates

RT @cathicks: Today is Pixar’s 30th Birthday!…

29 Jan 2016 | in Updates

I’ve been searching for this video of the NeXTcube Introduction for ten years and here it is! So excited

13 Jan 2016 | in Updates

RT @drwave: SJ would be pleased: RT @asymco 2015 was the year when iOS devices overtook unit sales of Windows PCs.

15 Nov 2015 | in Updates

The new Townhall (theatre) at the bottom. But…What's that hill of dirt going to be? #campus2

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10 Nov 2015 | in Updates

I finally got a chance to see the SJ movie yesterday. Like everyone else I have mixed feelings about it but overall enjoyed watching it.