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16 Aug 2011 | in Updates

oh, and there’s that thing too……

16 Aug 2011 | in Updates

RT @philiped: A peek at Steve Jobs’ book jacket, front and back: The look of Walter Isaacson’s bio will be as spare and … …

15 Aug 2011 | in Updates

That takes me back “@jasonfried: The evolution of Apple advertising:… (via @rbird)”

14 Aug 2011 | in Updates

Check out the AWESOME plans & renderings of Apple Campus 2:…

25 Jul 2011 | in Updates

How to draw the Apple logo via @clairemilliet

July 2011 Steve Jobs news roundup

23 Jul 2011 | in Management, Steve Jobs history, Steve Jobs news, Steve Jobs personality, Steve Jobs trivia

Busy month for me, hopefully Steve Jobs news have been somewhat slow too (apart from last week’s).

Here’s what I put aside for you:

23 Jul 2011 | in Updates

Story of my life: “Why why WHY didn’t I buy Apple stock?!”… via @Snaggy

23 Jul 2011 | in Updates

Excellent piece by @gruber ★ On Succeeding Steve Jobs // I agree on near future but what about long-term vision?

19 Jul 2011 | in Updates

In response to questions from The WSJ about the discussions, Mr. Jobs said Monday in an email, “I think it’s hogwash.” #classic #stevejobs

18 Jul 2011 | in Updates

Nice infographic by @mvasilev via @mashable // although it lacks some products (Apple III, Apple IIc, all displays…)…