Steve Jobs's Palo Alto Home

Steve Jobs's family home in the residential suburbs of Palo Alto.

Waverley Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Steve bought his Palo Alto home in the mid-1990s, after his marriage with Laurene Powell. The house is the British country style, and fits beautifully with the rest of this quiet neighborhood — and certainly does not stand out as the house of a high-tech/media mogul (though he famously had a T1 line installed there as early as the late 1980s to enjoy truly networked computing with NeXT machines —something he talked about publicly after returning to Apple in 1997).

According to people who have been inside (and a few photos), the house is lightly yet tastefully furnished. In fact, according to Businessweek, "Jobs obsessed over the furniture, recalls [...] a neighbor [...]. Jobs spent tens of thousands of dollars on chairs and a custom-made dining table—which he returned because the angle of one of the legs was off by a few degrees. Jobs frequently visited [the neighbor's] home during those years, often complaining about the lack of comfortable furniture in his house."

Steve lived in this house for twenty years. He held a lot of business meetings there (including on weekends), and eventually passed away there on October 5, 2011, surrounded by his family.

After Steve Jobs was granted the right to demolish the Jackling house in 2010, speculation arose as to when he would leave Palo Alto for a brand new house in Woodside (see Woodside mansion). There were also rumors he would move to France for his retirement, as his wife was seen touring the château de Sannes in the South of France in the fall of 2010. Unfortunately, Steve's deteriorating health obliged him to stay housebound in Palo Alto, and none of these plans ever came true.