Batch of 11 new vintage Steve Jobs pictures

12 Apr 2011 | in Steve Jobs history, Updates/Announcements

With the thousands of pictures of Steve Jobs that are already present on the website, you might think that it’s impossible for me to find new ones apart from new Apple events and iAppearances of iSteve.

But no (and frankly it continues to amaze me) — I sometimes stumble across never-seen-(by-me)-before pictures of Steve’s past, and it’s always refreshing.

Today is one of those occasions:

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  • Peter van Cuylenburg commented on 3 Sep 2014 at 16:56

    The comment relating to my “betrayal” of Steve by calling Scott McNealy is incorrect, although it bears a resemblance to something that did happen and has clearly been “rumored” incorrectly. What happened is that Scott made a call to me to see if there would be any interest in a relationship between NeXT and Sun. I brokered a meeting with him and Steve at Steve’s home in Palo Alto. The three of us met there and discussed alternatives, but Scott and Steve did not agree on possible approaches. There was not, at any time, a discussion about me replacing Steve as CEO. Several months later I left NeXT because, after the transition to a pure software company, there was no meaningful role for a COO. Please remove the incorrect reference from your blog. Also, please feel free to verify what I’ve said with any sources you may have, provided they are actually knowledgeable and honest.

    Peter van Cuylenburg

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