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5 new pictures added

13 Mar 2011 | in Updates/Announcements

I just added five interesting pictures of Steve to all about Steve

New pictures added

21 Feb 2011 | in Updates/Announcements

Today I added 13 new pictures of Steve Jobs to all about Steve Here they are:

From left to right and top to bottom:

Most pictures are better/enlarged versions of pics I already had, with the exception of the (pretty nice) 1981 pic, the 1995 pic (with NeXTSTEP running on Intel PCs), the 2006 pic, of course the Obama pics, and the caricatures.

Hope you like ’em!

Our Google ranking: Oh. My. God.

20 Feb 2011 | in Updates/Announcements

all about Steve is now before’s official bio in Google results for a query on “steve jobs”. WOW! I didn’t think this would ever happen.
Watch out, Wikipedia 😉

The future of this blog

20 Feb 2011 | in Updates/Announcements

Hello all,

As you have noticed I’ve been kinda slow updating the blog recently. This is partly due to my being busy with my internship + looking for the next one, partly because I’ve been lazy… but I’ve also been wondering about my editorial choices when I created the blog. I wanted to cover all Steve Jobs news, and this can be a difficult task when 3 to 5 Steve Jobs stories hit the news on one day and I don’t have time to cover them that night. Then what’s the point in covering them three weeks later?

So here’s what I think the blog should evolve into. I will now focus primarily on:

Lastly, I’ve been playing around with Quora for some time and I’ve really grown to like it. It’s one of the culprits of my lack of time to devot to this blog actually 🙂 So I suggest you have a look at the Steve Jobs topic, where I often post answers to questions on the iLeader.

From now on, I will also post links to my Steve Jobs-related answers on my Twitter account (@rmoisescot), so you can follow them even if you’re not on Quora. If you’re on Quora and have a question on Steve, you can also ask it directly to me so you can let others benefit.

Two SJ infographics for your perusal

17 Jan 2011 | in Steve Jobs trivia, Updates/Announcements

Infographics are the latest hot thing on the Internet. No one has time to read anymore, I guess.

This week we are blessed with two infographics on Steve, of differing quality:

– the one on the left has historical and grammatical mistakes and I don’t like it: How Steve Jobs and Apple became #1

– the one on the right is fun, original, and has the good taste of quoting all about Steve as a source 🙂 : 10 things Steve Jobs could say during sex

I’ll let you make your own opinion.

Two of our videos on Mashable

15 Jan 2011 | in Updates/Announcements

Today I am proud to add the excellent social blog Mashable to the growing list of prestigious websites which have mentioned content from all about Steve

Steve Jobs Remixed: 5 Creative Takes on the Iconic Apple Keynote [VIDEOS]

Good news: they still called us “creative” even though the two video they picked are from the original 2006 release of the website (faire enough, the One More thing video was remixed in HD last year. By the way, for those of you who wonder why Boom! is still in the original version, it’s because you can’t update a video on YouTube… so updating it would be killing one of the website’s strongest assets!)

Bad news: they failed to mention the website as a source, even though it is pretty visible on both videos. NOT COOL! I will write to the author and see what can be done about it.

For our friends from Japan, we’ve also been quoted on – if I trust the number of hits I got, it’s a popular website over there. Any of you guys know it?

New caricature and parody of Steve

30 Dec 2010 | in Steve Jobs trivia, Updates/Announcements

I just added the following caricature to the Caricatures page on all about Steve

I love the little Apple necklace, remindful of the original iPod shuffle.

Also, thanks to our reader Alex, you can watch here a montage of Steve facing investors on the BBC show Dragon’s Den. Pretty amusing.

Gizmodo quotes all about Steve

16 Sep 2010 | in Updates/Announcements

Gizmodo posted an article today in which they quoted all about Steve as a source:

25 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Left Apple

The article is about Steve’s resignation from Apple in 1985. It is short but without errors, which is worth noting because it’s so rare in mainstream media/blogs (not to mention Wikipedia). I’d like to think our biography of Steve helped in this respect 😉

Since we’re dealing with all about Steve being quoted on popular blogs, let’s not forget TechCrunch, which also used our long biography as a source two weeks ago, in their article:

Steve Jobs’ Doublespeak Strikes Again: “No” Actually Meant “Yes” For Apple TV

The bio is supposed to illustrate Steve’s lies regarding “Apple’s forays into mobile”. The thesis is that Steve is shameless about lying to the media about Apple’s strategy. We’ll come back to Steve’s tendency to lie in a later post that is likely to be full of colorful anecdotes.

These two articles are quite a confirmation for me that I am on the right track with this blog: because they show both that all about Steve is gaining momentum as a trustworthy source of information regarding Steve, and that people are eager to learn more about Apple’s CEO and his 35-year-long career.

Stay tuned for more Steve Jobs news!

What you will find on all things Steve Jobs

13 Sep 2010 | in Updates/Announcements

Hello again, World!

As promised, this second post blog ever on all things Steve Jobs will deal with the content of the blog. The list below is obviously subject to change; but again, I prefer to write down what my intentions are for this blog as it debutes, for the record:

  1. Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs: as the name of the blog indicates, its main and perhaps only topic is Steve Jobs. That being said, I obviously keep the liberty to divert slightly from that topic from time to time, and I don’t know how the blog’s going to evolve, but for now this is what it’s all about.
  2. Steve Jobs news: I will do the job of aggregating and filering out information from various Mac, tech, entertainment (remember Pixar/Disney, folks), and business websites dealing with the iLeader and post them here.
  3. Steve Jobs trivia: cryptic emails, one-to-one encounters and the likes fall into that category – less serious SJ news, so to speak. Parodies, jokes, vintage Fake Steve posts and other funny stuff will also be adressed.
  4. Steve Jobs history: as mentioned earlier, I think the added value of this blog will mostly come from the historical perspective that I intend to give it. Having read pratically all Steve Jobs biographies that have been written – and countless articles too, Apple’s CEO is now a familiar character to me. I will do my best to put all Steve Jobs news in perspective with his past carrer and to take out old stuff from the souvenir box from time to time. (more…)

A new blog is born : all things Steve Jobs opens!

12 Sep 2010 | in Updates/Announcements

Hello World!

This is the very first post of all things Steve Jobs, a blog dedicated absolutely and entirely to our beloved hero Steve Jobs, and a nice addition to my “old” website all about Steve I am starting the blog under the radar for a month or so, so nobody’s probably ever going to read this, but for the record, here is a little manifesto I just made on why the blog exists  :

  1. I was having a difficult time keeping the website up to date or, to be more precise, keeping the Biography up to date. As you all know, every 6 months or so, Steve takes the stage and announces a revolutionary or at least major product which has a lasting impact on one or more industries. All about Steve being a static website, the bio is pretty much like a book I have to rewrite after every such event. This tiresome process is now over: the bio will deal with pre-2010 events (stopping at the iPad intro), and this blog with the news.
  2. there was no real reason for someone who had already visited all about Steve thoroughly to ever come back. Indeed, the website is pretty much complete as it is. The only parts that are updated are the pictures sections (after new Stevenotes and/or when new hardware comes out) and, once in a while, the bio. That’s why I introduced the pic of the month in February – but obviously people don’t go back to the website just to see this one picture. I hope this blog’s content will be valuable enough to entice visitors to come back often. (more…)