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6 Oct 2014 | in Updates

Visiting the cemetery where Steve Jobs was laid to rest via @cultofmac…

5 Oct 2014 | in Updates

RT @fromedome: Still not really comfortable thinking or writing about Jobs’ death, but I guess that is how it works. Miss the heck out of h…

5 Oct 2014 | in Updates

RT @pschiller: Thinking of Steve

5 Oct 2014 | in Updates

RT @marcoarment: And throw in some fun, cutesy bullshit every once in a while.

5 Oct 2014 | in Updates

RT @marcoarment: The best way we can honor Steve is to make great things, never lower our standards, and never stop caring.

5 Oct 2014 | in Updates

RT @tim_cook: In Grand Canyon National Park backpacking and thinking of SJ and his many gifts to the world.

16 Sep 2014 | in Updates

Steve Jobs a “low-tech parent” according to NYT…

13 Sep 2014 | in Updates

RT @philiped: Steve Jobs’ office is exactly as he left it

14 Jul 2014 | in Updates

Interested in an insiders history of OS X & iOS? Don’t miss the 3-part podcast from @gte & @reneritchie w/ N Ganatra

7 Jun 2014 | in Updates

RT @_nb: The .swift Icon is the “Crazy Ones” text now. ?
(via @blunckalex)