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9 Aug 2015 | in Updates

What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Being a Son and a Father –…

4 Aug 2015 | in Updates

RT @drwave: My fave memory of the ACD 30” display, a few years before it existed.
SJ: “Imagine a really large display”
me: “I want 2″
SJ: “No”
me: “Yes”

25 Jul 2015 | in Updates

Looking forward to learning more about this documentary on NeXT! @theappstorey

25 Jul 2015 | in Updates

A reminder of @cue’s opinion of the documentary

24 Jul 2015 | in Updates

Heard mixed things about “The Man in the Machine” but gotta say the trailer got me excited… @magnoliapics

3 Jul 2015 | in Updates

RT @philiped: Another movie about Steve Jobs, the jerk

3 Jul 2015 | in Updates

RT @mrgan: Still no serious offers regarding my Steve Jobs biopic screenplay. Getting tired of all these jokers.…

18 May 2015 | in Updates

RT @SteveJobsFilm: No one saw the world the same way he did. STEVE JOBS opens 10/9, from Director Danny Boyle & writer Aaron Sorkin.

18 May 2015 | in Updates

RT @reneritchie: Sorkin words, Fassbender turtle neck, Steve Jobs teaser trailer.…

13 Apr 2015 | in Updates

RT @kapowaz: I love this anecdote about how terrible Gil Amelio was at Apple.