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15 Nov 2015 | in Updates

The new Townhall (theatre) at the bottom. But…What's that hill of dirt going to be? #campus2

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10 Nov 2015 | in Updates

I finally got a chance to see the SJ movie yesterday. Like everyone else I have mixed feelings about it but overall enjoyed watching it.

31 Oct 2015 | in Updates

Very nice!

25 Oct 2015 | in Updates

RT @laurenepowell: Thank you @waltmossberg for caring about the difference between fact and fiction

13 Oct 2015 | in Updates

“Then & Now”…

13 Oct 2015 | in Updates

RT @philiped: Joe Nocera gives the new movie a big thumbs down: Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Steve Jobs’ Con

13 Oct 2015 | in Updates

Steve Jobs Movie Spoof: Conan imagines a ‘Michael Dell’ movie | BGR…

12 Oct 2015 | in Updates

RT @philiped: Ars Technica’s Tiffany Kelly gives Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs a big kiss.…

12 Oct 2015 | in Updates

RT @paulg: The consensus among people who knew Steve Jobs is that the new movie about him is laughably unrealistic.

10 Oct 2015 | in Updates

RT @gruber: Difference between Musk and Jobs is that Jobs never would have walked back his trash talk: